About A Tiny Beauty

I set this page up after losing my first daughter and third child.

My tiny beauty died at 27+3 weeks gestation and was still born 3 days later. Stillbirth refers to when a child over 24 weeks of gestation is born without a heartbeat and can not be saved.

At time of setting up this blog I am less than 3 weeks into my journey but I wanted to provide information I was never told before I experienced it .┬áI also want to use my daughter’s death for something positive to give hope to others and let them see light can reappear in their life one day and to maybe know someone else is out there.

As my journey progresses so will my blog. This is my personal experiences and come from my heart.

Elva Isobel was 27 weeks but was only 1lb 5oz (6oog) and considered small for her gestation which is why I labelled her my tiny beauty. She was a perfectly formed baby girl just too tiny but beautiful.

I will share every part of my journey good and bad.

To view posts select the month in the right hand menu. The blogs for some reason start from most recent at top of page so you may need to scroll to very bottom to view in order. Alternatively you can use the calendar below that. Red  numbers are blog posts.


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