The Aftermath

Once your child is born majority of hospitals provide a private room for you to have as much time as you need. You may be given access to a cold cot which is a water filled mattress kept under baby at 10c.

At this point on the Monday around 11pm my partner had already decided to go home the next day. I had decided to stay till Wednesday.

This was met with not so much enthusiasm however I didn’t care. This was the only chance I would get with my daughter whereas my boys had me forever.

After speaking with staff my partner soon realised it would be abnormal me going home so soon and they would worry more if I had.

My family rang to tell me they felt I should stop and it’s time to go home. They were told in my own time!

Friends told me it’d get harder the longer I stayed.

And everyone was saying sorry when all I wanted was someone to say you’re a new mummy, congratulations, she’s beautiful. Instead you hear I’m sorry.

I will add I also had tons of encouraging support from many more friends.

This is your time to make memories which I will do a separate post on in more detail, its time to live a lifetime in a day and its the time the discussions start on what comes next.

Its hard talking of a funeral, of whether to have a post mortem or not when you’re holding the most precious thing you’ve owned in your arms. The important thing I was told which set the course of my life over the 2 weeks between Elva’s death and funeral was HAVE NO REGRETS!!!

You can’t redo this ever again and you get little time to decide what you want.



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