Cuddle Cot’s

I have heard of them before I had Elva. You may have done too but thought I would do a quick post on these.

A cuddle cot or cold cot is something parents use in hospital to prolong the time they have with their baby. The practicality of it is the longer a still baby is not kept cold the faster the deterioration.

The cold cot we had was a thin mat that sits in a Moses basket or cot. IT has 2 tubes feeding water to it and the other takes it out circulating it round the box attached. It keeps the water cool at 10 degrees c and baby is placed on top. All you have to do is keep the unit topped up with fresh water which shouldn’t be too often.

Cuddle cot

Article outlining how important these cots are

I would hold Elva most the time then give her half an hour in the cot. Your new norm is to be terrified you can’t feel the coldness of the baby as much and worry it’ll shorten your time with them. For me the coldness became a comfort mostly as it was only way I could truly feel her there without looking. For some its discomforting.

Many hospitals have these but many don’t and we were so so lucky to have the chance of using one to prolong our time. In fact my hospital had at least 2, which is sad as they obviously have found they need them.

Without it I’m unsure I’d have been able to stay as long. Like you check a baby monitor I would check the cold cot unit was keeping to 10 and the water was still filled to the top.

So if you see a just giving page raising funds have a peek and a share even if can’t afford to donate



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