Rainbows: one for the TTCer’s

I apologise for this thread in middle of the jumbled up grief but I felt it appropriate after some post I saw online today.

You’ve just had a baby albeit one you can’t take home the last thing on your mind is sex and more babies right? Wrong. I’m part of about 6 groups and on at least 3 of them rainbow baby talk is big. You were pregnant and then your not. You want it back desperately.

The question of when to try and how long it took others pops up a lot.

I’ve seen a few links shared which I saved for when my time comes so I thought to break up the sadness and give some help to those further on their journey than me I’d share them.

Feel free to share your sensible and insane suggestions for conception I’m sure we all need a laugh.

Are you ready?

Conceiving a boy or girl

Pregnancy after a miscarriage

Surviving pregnancy after a stillbirth (fab read)

Tips for conceiving

Trying again

*** Funny Stories

Sorry it’s only a short blog and probably not that interesting to majority of you it may be useful to someone



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