One thing I saw a lot before Elva was people seeing signs.

White feather or butterflies, rainbows when trying for a baby, ray of sun, face in a picture, angel wings in the clouds.

I’ll be honest I thought they were loopy and just trying to find something to comfort themselves. No-one sends signs. All these things can be explained away or are down to perception.

Even after Elva’s birth I was asked and was like no they don’t send signs.

Until we went away.

We went to see Elva’s grave before we went to the bus stop. There was a lady bird on the flowers as there had been 2 days before. Now I know October is ladybird season or has been previously but I’ve never seen them about until now.

We got to bus stop and there was a ladybird on the bus stop.

We got to our chalet and Daddy found a ladybird lurking outside.

The next day a lady bird decide the come and stay inside despite us putting it back out.

We got home and there was ladybirds all over the church yard.

The next day Jem had a ladybird in his bedroom.

To us this was our sign of Elva watching over us.

A friend found out for us superstitions about ladybirds.

The things that stood out for us was:

The ladybirds life cycle is short much like Elva’s was. It also teaches us to release worries and live life to the fullest.

It links to mothers.

let go: I was struggling with letting her body rest I wanted it back because to me it was my connection to her. I was struggling to eat because she couldn’t

Its small size signifies a delicate and loving nature. It teaches us to stop self harm, not always through physical means.

They sense vibrations from people around them and when Daddy picked one up and carried it to his shoes and spent time putting them on the ladybird sat patiently on his finger not concerned in slightest.

I like to think she’s telling me its ok to carry on. She’s here with me and I’m with her and she knows I love her.

15 signs of angels

Like my previous post belief means everything



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