Stop moaning!

So what if you’ve not slept, so what if you’re kids are driving you mad. You have what some don’t.

So what if your fridge broke or the bus is late. It’s not going to kill you

So what if you’re pregnant and achy. Pregnancy is a miracle some don’t get experience of.

So what if you feel fat its likely distorted view anyway. You’re alive & if you’re bothered change it.

There is so much more to life. For me life got so so simple after Elva. Yeah I get stressed and some days bedtime is more exciting that others but at least I’ve 2 kids and my own body to put them in their beds. I put Elva to bed 3 week ago I’ll never put her to bed again EVER.

For me life became more black and white. If it can be fixed it doesn’t matter. It’s annoying yes but doesn’t require a sinking into depression. If it won’t matter in days, weeks or years then try let it go now. Move onto too bigger better things.

Try to see each negative as a positive. Your fridge broke but it’s perfect excuse to buy a better one or you’re skint well think positive thoughts and try some free sites.

Remember even when it can’t be fixed does it matter that much? Do you have your life and relatively good health.. yes then good.

I’m not saying life is easy or happy. It’s not. I moan, complain and stress but if you can let it go then do so you’ll feel better for it. I know I do it’s less stuff to clutter my busy head with.



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