You can talk to me you know

I’m asked if I’m ok. I’m asked how I feel. I talk to people I tell them honestly how I feel. Depending on person depends what detail they get.

I don’t ask how other are feeling. I’m not trying to be selfish I just forget to ask. My brain is filled with Elva constantly. When it’s not filled with Elva its what I need to do on my to do list, rainbow babies or the kids fighting.

When I remember to ask I don’t want to be told you’re ok, you’re fine, it’s not more important than what I’m going through. The phrases I’m fine whilst I’m dying is my phrase not yours so stop stealing my lies. I’m not daft I know when someone isn’t ok. I might be in a world of my own but I’m not blind nor insensitive.

You can talk to me if you need to.If you think I’m the only one who will get, if you need my advice or if I’m there and that’s the precise moment you need to vent then do it.

Only time it’s not ok is if you’re going to act like your world is acting from something so silly, it’s not ok to moan about your kids to more than usual level of oh kids are stressing me out. Recognise how lucky you are. If you feel you can’t tell me then ask yourself if it’s that important to worry so much over it? Does it help to ease your worry and stress thinking I’m going through worse?

Sometimes I need distraction too I need to feel I’m still a good friend and can be relied upon. I need to know I’m not someone to avoid for fear of upsetting me. I also may help you realise it’s not that important to worry so much over it. I may help you see the positive in your situation. It helps me thinking of positive things that I can’t apply to my own life right now. I might even be able to help you find a solution.

So please keep talking to me let me be your friend and you can keep being mine. You don’t have to understand nor do I but we can let off steam and try help each other.



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