Release Stress

Last night I decided I needed a change!! I’ll admit I want a rainbow baby it’s probably not a surprise but I have tried for a baby before and it’s a hard journey. I got very down and stressed during the process. Then gave up after 16 months and 1 mc which resulted in Leif.

I don’t want to go through that again. I’ve been stressing about stress and depression. Do I sound stupid yet! I know I know stressing over stress is a tad backwards. But I refuse to go down that route again it’s not worth it. A rainbow is but not the misery.

So for first time in my life I found some things to work towards positivity.

My first step is writing! Not here I’m not ready to share the crazy that is me… yet. But a notebook to note thins down in the day, positive affirmations to keep me going & stop me dwelling on bad thoughts. It’s pretty to encourage me to write in it regularly.

I also plan to listen  to a CD that encourage relaxation and positive thoughts through visualisation. I plan to listen daily if I can & learn to think positive thoughts.

Daddy has been instructed to make me laugh lots. Laughing  reduces stress hormones. It’s hard to laugh in bad times but find the smallest things to smile about and build up. My kids infectious laughs are  good prod to a giggle and I do feel better.

Take one day at a time. Don’t look ahead this stresses me out massively!! I think ahead to no baby, no pregnancy just trying all down and hurt. So if I don’t look ahead I can remain in the present and work on that.

Don’ think about it. Give it a minute to drag you down then let it go and forget!!



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