We’re not all the same

Today I saw someone for my mental well being. We spoke about Elva what support I have then I was asked if I had beliefs. I said not religious ones no but I believe Elva is with me and in my heart.

No she said this isn’t true. She is a Christian and our lost ones can’t see us or come back to watch over us. Where they go they don’t know suffering, only love and happiness. So to watch over us would be to see our suffering. We will go to them hen it’s our time but they can’t be with us.

I  wasn’t hurt or offended however it was wrong of her to say that. Just because I don’t have religion doesn’t mean I want or need it. That’s not her decision to make.

It also didn’t sway me. I physically feel Elva with me how can that be wrong? We all have our  own beliefs and the important part of belief is just that belief in it.

If its right to you and its a strong belief hen its a good belief. But importance of belief is respecting others and  accepting we all feel differently, we all have beliefs that may clash with someone else’s but they are all important and valid!

A strong belief is listening to someone else’s belief and accepting it but not letting it sway yours.

When someone is bereaved you have to tread carefully. Personally I was offended by her comment but I didn’t let it change my feelings. Some parents may though and it may hinder their healing thinking their baby isn’t watching them when they previously thought they were.

It’s better to ask a persons belief and respect and accept that. You can express your belief or you can add to their belief by agreeing but ALL beliefs are valid & important.



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