Happy new year?

The new year is a difficult one. It’s meant to be about change, new opportunities but in reality we all make resolutions that we don’t keep and by the next year we vow this is the one that will be great.

The problem is we don’t make it better we don’t work hard enough at it and we expect it to just happen.

The new year also signals leaving things behind. The year you got pregnant, the year that was meant to be so great, the year your baby was born and maybe shouldn’t have been. Elva was due 2015 but we never thought she’d wait that long so for me 2015 doesn’t hold any memories of when she was meant to be here but 2014 signals what was meant to be and just wasn’t. For me the new year isn’t leaving Elva behind  it brings a new year to make a difference, to regain hope and actually achieve something.

However be  gentle new year is just another day you don’t have to make anyone feel they need to celebrate or change just don’t expect too much . Instead of leaving your baby behind you’ve entered a year to remember your baby and keep their memory alive in any way you want.

It’s about leaving the old you behind the old people who showed their true colours. A new start with no expectations



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