Stillbirth: The process of delivering a stillborn baby. The medical definition in UK says this only occurs after 24 weeks of gestation.

Stillborn: A baby who died in the womb before birth or during labour.

Neonatal Death: A baby who dies in neonatal department of an hospital due to trauma during labour or other health condition that made them incompatible for life

Infant Death: A seemingly healthy baby who died after birth, after getting home usually and often from SIDs or other undiagnosed medical condition

Missed miscarriage (MMC): when a pregnancy doesn’t survive but the body doesn’t recognise it and holds on to the pregnancy for weeks without signs of loss.

(early) Miscarriage (MC): pregnancy loss occurring before 14 weeks

Late term miscarriage: pregnancy loss occurring after 14 weeks but before 24 weeks.

Elva was a stillbirth she died in my womb before birth. I never got to meet her alive. She was born with her eyes open so may look awake in some pictures but she is gone in all her pictures except the scans.

Therefore my blog is only about the effects of pregnancy loss and stillbirth as these are the only losses I’ve experienced. However I’m keen to share ANY loss story at any stage so feel free to email them over to You don’t need to have your name added if you don’t want.



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