Can you believe there are people out there faking this?!!

They make up a pregnancy loss and a cause of death and join the groups befriending people.

Asking questions to get answers because they don’t know the details of their pretend loss.

They are usually obvious to spot as well over short period of time. Their dates don’t match up, they don’t know basic details about what happened to them, sometimes they change the story depending on who they speak to not expecting others to find out and they sometimes share a bit too much of their life with EVERYONE!

This life isn’t something I wanted, I didn’t want to be part of this world or gain attention for losing a child. I didn’t want to connect with a group of very sad people just to belong. No-one wants to be in this situation.

It’s hurtful and scary when someone fakes it. They access details you don’t want to think someone who doesn’t understand will see. Some women don’t share their baby for a long long time and then they do and a fake comes along it rocks their world.

Why would anyone pretend to have experienced this. Do they not know how many of us wish we we’re pretending this was all a dream and not our reality? No they don’t because they don’t think about us only how they want some attention and to be part of something that shouldn’t happen.




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