Cost of Donating

I have been donating to Elva’s hospital since February time. In that time I’ve received about £40 in PayPal donations, about 15 blankets, lots of hats and cloth nappies.

Many who offered never did and those who asked for my address to send items never did. Some who made items decided to stop due to their own issues.

I wouldn’t say I’ve done this alone as I appreciate the help I have been given but largely I have set this up myself and made 80% of the items that were donated.

So I thought I’d show the true cost of ‘donating’

This list includes items bought with go fund me donations. For the 3 boxes already sent plus enough for another 3 so approx. years worth:

Boxes x 3 £11

Blankets x 19 £22

Wool £105

Embellishments: (ribbon, buttons) £20

Fabric : £30

Disposable nappies: £8

Stickers and bags to send sets in: £11

Safety pins for nappies: £2

Thread: £3

Total £212

I didn’t pay approx £50 of this

This excludes stuff I was sent to use and items I had already:

Lace fabric, Jersey fabric, cotton, blankets, bows, roses, felt, wool, thread, bonnets, hats, nappies and a gown.

It may not seem much because that amount helped 60 babies add on at least another £80 for blankets for another 4 boxes minimum and the fact the grand total will be min. of 140 babies helped it doesn’t seem that bad (£2 per set).

However it is the reason I ask for help not because I’m lazy or not wanting to pay but because it mounts up. If I had the same amount of help I’ve put in the boxes could of helped nearly 300 babies. Instead of it taking a year to help it’ll take me 2 years to help 300 babies.

Add in 2-3 people’s help and you can easily see how help from others helps more babies.

The main items right now are blankets I have none for the next box. Smaller items such as hats and booties are also good and give me more time to provide the main outfit especially booties. Currently the sets due out end of August have no foot wear to accompany  them.

Sizes range from 16 weeks to newborn.

Cardigans are also welcome and a range of gender colours. Even if you don’t help me bear this in mind for other donators.

Please see the Facebook page for this month donation photos so far.




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