Babyloss Month: WEEK 1

I decided rather than do lots of things like share this, share that. Graphics, capture my grief etc I would relive the memories of Elva. This is especially a good time to do this as it is less than 2 weeks till she is 1 almost smack bang in the middle of the month and it is directly in the middle of babyloss week (9th-15th).

Now this first ‘week’ is short but I will still do 7 photos until Halloween.

The pictures I chose this week are the early happy days.

IMG_6669 (2)IMG_7339

The early scans when she was just a dot when we were told life was seen but would need another scan to confirm a heartbeat. The worrying there would be nothing in the next 2 weeks between the omg that dot is our baby! The relief when at 6 weeks we saw a baby shape twitching around with a heartbeat. 11 weeks seeing her bigger getting excited that this could be happening for real.


Approaching midway but it not coming fast enough so having an early gender scan at 16 weeks to find out our dream had come true a daughter for us and a sister for our boys. Jem was ecstatic wanting to called her Isabelle. The happy news of telling family and keeping it a secret from the rest of the world not wanting to hear the usuals of finally a girl, you can stop now, I knew it had to be a girl after 2 boys, bet you’re made up it’s a girl.

10423798_294140527460827_8547610968717491246_n   10690023_291551401053073_8352297445073982064_n

Getting the boys involved was great. Leif got to attend all the scans and even at the young age he was he seemed to delight in seeing Elva on the scans and joining in the smiles. Having them listen in to her kicking about and her beautiful heartbeat.


Being happy I could buy dresses, happy my bump was slowly starting to show more although I was worried it wasn’t growing quite as big as it had before. Allowing myself the joy and excitement and even the luxury of relaxing at times telling myself we WOULD have a baby nothing would go wrong.



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