Babyloss Month: WEEK 2

This weeks pictures are of the lead up to Elva’s death.

This week was full of fear and excitement. Strange combo I know.


Comparing bump shots convinced it wasn’t growing therefore she wasn’t. The top of my bump was fuller but not bigger this comforted and worried me.

IMG_8243 IMG_8279

Recent information was showing she was small and we needed to check her growth find out why she wasn’t getting very big. Spotting had started but my midwife was helping me right?

IMG_8297 IMG_8586

Relaxing thinking she is going to be ok she’s loads more active this week. They’re taking more notice of us now and going to help find out whats going on and get our baby girl home to us healthy.


I don’t remember which my last bump shot was before she died. I think the one above in the red dress. The same dress I wore to her funeral the same dress I threw away after knowing I could never wear it ever again as it represented death to me. The scan collage I made that I kept hidden because it revealed way too much. The gender the name our hope. This was the picture I used to announce on 12th October 2014 my baby no longer had a heartbeat and the following day I was scheduled to be induced.

9th October: start of babyloss week, the last day she was alive

10th October: The day she died.

11th October: the day I was given hormone blockers in hope it would prepare me for labour

12th October: the day the ‘world’ found out she was gone she was a girl and our first daughter would not be welcomed normally (or so it felt).



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