Who is that girl?

Who is that face on the wall?

Who is that girl in that picture?

Why does she look at me so seriously. Why does she seem to see all of me?

Why is that girl not smiling why is her stare so intent?

She is a girl I can not live with but a girl I can’t live without. She is a girl who I can’t live without but must endure her absence. She is a girl I can’t live with yet a girl I most desire to be with.

That girl in the picture, on my wall full of knowledge and difference is an angel.

She is the most beautiful angel you will ever see and no other can compare.

Why does she stare so kindly? Why does she not leave her wall?

An angel knows nothing of hurt, nothing of greed. An angel has deep kindness and love for all whom her gaze lands on. She knows your deepest thoughts and she forgives everything as she has no judgement or hate.

She never leaves her wall because she is where she needs to be.

Who is this girl on the wall? How did you meet someone so wonderful? 

She is MY angel, My forever guardian. She is the girl who filled and broke my heart in one single heartbeat. She is the girl I will never meet. She is the girl who will never see me.

How do you know she doesn’t compare?

I know because she is mine. She is my baby. She is my daughter.

Elva Isobel ~ October 2014