Memory Items

This is a link to posts made to help you find suitable memory items for your baby from various sources


Weighted Items Blog post I wrote includes doll above and other items.


 Your scan with a paper cut wording framing it: There is no footprint too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.

Check out Kaidalys Papercuts on Facebook


A beautiful sterling silver wire name to hang on a necklace.

Check out Dolla-Belle on facebook


Memorial Stones can have name on front with star or heart and a date on the back

Check out The Jessica Sherman Foundation on facebook


Cute Fimo Babies made to your specification. Many different types at Our Memories group on Facebook


Head over to Pickle Monsters to get your tattoos or other memory icons embroidered


Reborns for Angel Mama’s. The owner of this  page will make you a reborn doll in memory of your baby for material and shipping costs. Please note you will be required to provide full proof due to the amount of scammers trying to access this service.


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