Nappies & Blankets for Tiny Ones

When I had Elva a midwife told me that they provide baby pockets for stillborn babies but they don’t have gowns, dresses, nappies or blankets.

I had my own dress for Elva and my own blanket due to friends helping me. I didn’t have a nappy however and for me this bugged me. I felt she needed her dignity and wanted to give her a nappy.

Babies who are stillborn still leak meconium. I hadn’t realised this and it added to my discomfort. Eventually I made Elva a nappy and the relief was huge for me. I felt she would be more comfy and I felt her outfit was now complete.

Putting a nappy on your child is another step of parenting the same as dressing them, wiping their nose and singing to them. Many charities don’t provide nappies and bigger babies often wear a premature baby nappy or an oversized newborn one. But smaller babies get nothing like that.

My aim was to provide my hospital Ormskirk District & General Hospital with nappies for babies born too soon. I succeeded in this and donated approx 100 nappies in total before another charity started taking over and I was felt able to stop and offer myself to a charity covering more hospitals.



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