Counting Kicks

I personally found there was so many different option for counting kicks and knowing movements of your baby it was difficult to know what i was mean to do! So I  thought I would include a few options depending on how you want to do this.


  • The best way to know is to monitor YOUR babies routine. If your baby is very active usually and slows down even if their kick count is within recommended normal range.
  • If your baby is usually not as active but slows down more do not say ‘well baby is normally quiet’
  • If you just have a feeling. keep going don’t be put off if you’re not happy

If you feel reduced movement this is a good chart to indicate if you need to see someone. Even if you’re unsure its a good indicator for your provider to see how reduced movement is

Count the Kicks: Kick Chart

This is a good one to do from the time you start to feel baby regularly. You may record more kicks never less

Fetal Kick Count Chart

Some good information on recording kicks I will add from experience and it is just my opinion that kick counting needs to start well before 28 weeks. Counting Elva’s kicks from the time I felt her around 22 weeks may have saved her live when she slowed down.

Fetal Kick Count

Few short tips on how to use the charts and perform your own count

Perform Fetal Kick Count



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