Throughout my last 2 pregnancies the one thing I’ve never been able to feel calm over is baby movements. Care providers tell you ANY change no matter how small needs reporting. But what is a change? How do I know there’s a change.

I’ve asked 2 midwives this and I’m still unsure I will ever know but I wanted to pass on the information I can find.

Firstly here is a link to my count the kicks page with links to fetal kick charts that  may help you notice a pattern in your babies movements.

However if your baby is like mine they don’t seem to have a daily routine. Each of mine had quiet days more Leif than Elva & Jem, but quiet days make it difficult to know when your baby needs help. If in doubt you go and get monitored.

This is why I didn’t spot Elva wasn’t well. She was being quiet I knew that but I thought I was ok to wait. NEVER WAIT!! under any circumstance. So what if it’s in middle of Christmas dinner, so what if you’re partner is in a meeting. Your baby won’t wait so nor should you.

Despite thinking Elva was just being quiet in hindsight I knew I was worried but because she had a big movement I thought again she was ok. BIG movements as well as lack of are a sign things aren’t right.

Many mums I’ve spoken to feel a flurry of movements after quiet and assume baby is ok. They turn out to be the babies last movements this is why lack of movement is more highly advertised as that is more apparent and more common in signs of distress.

Fetal kick count charts are a good start. You can track your babies usual movements with them then when baby is quiet you can access if normal or not.

Being aware of your babies usual routine is key. If you feel even one kick less and you’re not happy then go get seen. Your instinct and feelings are key. Don’t let someone else fob you off, don’t feel you’re putting upon someone by being worried just go and get seen ASAP.

The staff at hospital shouldn’t make you feel bad for being seen and don’t feel pushed out. If you’re still concerned ask to speak to someone else be seen by anyone else. As long as you’re happy when leave that’s the key.



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