Brown blood is old blood and ok: Brown is old yes that part is true but it’s not always ok. Any bleeding of any colour, of any flow needs checking. I spotted brown, I was told it was ok because it’s old  blood but it wasn’t ok and if i hadn’t been fobbed off the issue may have been picked up on.

Babies move less later on: babies have less room and the movements will feel different. But at no point during a pregnancy do babies move less. They move the  same at 37 weeks as they did at 7. The difference is at 7 weeks you can’t feel it and at 37 weeks it make me less strong punches, or little jerks rather than big kicks. ANY reduction or change in movement at ANY gestation needs checking.

Hiccups are movement If baby is not moving but you’re getting hiccups this is classed as no movements. Hiccups are a reflex not intentional

Baby has a heartbeat and is therefore fine: NO NO NO NO this is a mistake I made. A heartbeat shows life, blood flow, chance. Once the heartbeat is gone it’s too late. If you don’t feel right, if you’re getting reduced movements or you’re just worried go get checked whilst your baby still has a chance.

Babies under 28 weeks have no kick routine: yes some do believe this. Kick counts start at 28 weeks because it’s considered babies don’t have enough of a routine. Well I’m here to say that’s not true. It may not be the same routine every day but hey still have a degree of  routine and it’s still easy to tell when they aren’t moving the same. As soon as you feel baby start to kick daily keep an eye on movements.




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