My Story of my Babies…

… Fatema, Sara and Joy. 23rd March 2014. By Elaine.

My story of when I got pregnant

It was between October and November 2013 I took a pregnancy test. I was so shocked I couldn’t believe it. We had our first scan 22nd January at 12 weeks and the scanner said we’re not just seeing one baby, we’re seeing three! We were told we were having triplets.

We was in complete shock and were told we’d have a csection between 34 -36 weeks but my due date was 2nd August 2014.

Trying to get our head around we are having three babas was so strange but we were overjoyed with happiness.

I can’t remember how many weeks I was at this point but when I was at work I had a little bleed so we went straight to hospital. They took urine and blood tests and I had to stay in hospital.

Because I was bleeding from the uterus and shouldn’t be they gave me an internal scan. They saw our  babas and heard their heartbeats for the first time. It was so nice to hear them all.

My next scan was 20th March 2014 to find out if they were boys or girls but she couldn’t tell as they had a little fluid round them. At  this point I looked like a blown up balloon and was struggling to walk. She arranged I go to Addenbrooke’s hospital that Monday but my waters broke when I was sleeping. I thought I was bleeding but was my waters going.

I rang the out of hours midwifery and they confirmed it sounded like my waters had gone. We rushed to hospital, it was early hours of 23rd March but I don’t remember a lot.

I had to take a tablet to induce labour. After the first baby I lost 3 litres of fluid, then I birthed my 2nd and my 3rd. My partner cut all their cords. At this point I couldn’t push the placenta out so I had to have an epidural and go to theatre to remove it.

My 3 babies were so beautiful but  I was so scared to see them at first. Then one of my best friends came to see me and gave me a cuddle. My friend and my partner both held my hand when I first saw my babies. I was heartbroken I still am today.

I also no have a prolapsed uterus and whilst I was pregnant my leg went numb and painful causing meralgia paraesthetica on my top right leg. I can’t believe all this happened to us. We buried our babies on the 3rd April 2014. It was a sad day and we miss them so much.

Having 3 babies in my belly for 5 months was a miracle. I’m a proud mummy and I love my babies so much. We called them Fatema, Sara & Joy. Not a day goes by we don’t think of you , all our children, especially at this year as it would be your first Christmas’, without you here with mummy and daddy.



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